Working parties

Working Parties

The role of the working parties is researching, sourcing materials, planning, drafting policies and procedures, and more, to present to the board of trustees for consideration, discussion and approval.

Effectively, working parties will do the legwork for the board, however the trustees have final approval.

The board will oversee the working parties, discuss their findings and make decisions based off of these discussions - fully supporting these groups as required. If ever in doubt they should defer to the board for guidance.

This is an opportunity for people to get more involved with the day-to-day running of the theatre, be key in the theatre's growth, support and challenge the way we do things and collaboratively ensure we're doing the best possible job in the most efficient way.

Our initial suggestion is to start with the following groups, however there is certainly opportunity for this to grow.

Read more about them below, and if you're interested - fill in the form and we'll be in touch.

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Working Party Groups


The role of this working party is to assist the treasurer with their financial duties, day to day accounting; assisting the fundraising working party; looking to find new approaches to how the theatre makes money; reporting the theatre’s finances in an accessible format; and drafting budgets.


The working party will source funding opportunities; draft grant applications; plan fundraising events; manage ongoing fundraising activities.

Health & Safety
Health & Safety

The role of this working party is to ensure we comply with EH&S; survey the building, recommend maintenance work and then to source funding, resources or contractors to complete the work and record H&S compliance.


The role of this working party is to research, conserve and promote the heritage of the theatre. Working with other local resources, this working party works to ensure the heritage of the theatre is conserved. This will include the current Restoration Project.


The role of this working party is to direct the marketing for the theatre. Including strategy, brainstorming new marketing ideas, reporting on market research, drafting press releases and social media posts. Internal branding will be a key aspect of this activity.

Programming & Artistic
Programming & Artistic

The role of this working party is to guide the artistic offerings of the theatre, recommend productions for the upcoming season, an artistic strategy and vision, or theme for the year, research new artistic direction in the theatre industry, contribute to the in-house company’s programme/artistic direction.

Store Management
Store Management

The role of this working party is to guide the management of the different stores. Each store will have it’s own head of department and these stores include the Props Store, the Costume Store, the Technical Store and the Set Store.


The role of this working party is to recruit, train and retain volunteers; improve their engagement with the theatre and community; plan and organise volunteer events; draft and implement a volunteer strategy; oversee coordination of regular volunteer activities, such as ensuring staffing of the box office.

Play your part...

Volunteering at the Angles Theatre is a great way to support your local theatre, be part of brilliant productions and make new friends!

Take on roles ranging from front of house, chaperoning, bar work and so much more, and help drive the Theatre to success!

Find out more on out Volunteer page, and register your interest.

Want to make a difference?

We are looking for dedicated people who can volunteer their energy, time and skills to support the theatre and join the Board of Trustees.

Do you have the following skills?

  • Practical problem-solving and management
  • Legal or finanical industry experience
  • Strategic and creative thinking
  • Experience of sitting on governance boards


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