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Beauty & the Beast Musical


We are thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity to join the production team for "Beauty & the Beast" the musical. We are opening up expressions of interest to ensure our opportunities are inclusive, where potential collaborators can contribute their unique expertise and vision to delivering this show.

We are seeking creative partners to enhance our collective vision and help us craft an unforgettable theatrical experience for both our audiences and our performers.

We are looking to fill the following non paid, voluntary roles:

  • Director
  • Assistant Director
  • Musical director
  • Choreographer
  • Stage Manager
  • Set designer
  • Costume designer



Before registering your interest:
Please review the roles and responsibilites in the drop down menu below.

This is designed to provide you with insight in to our expectations of the role and the commitment you are signing up to.


Provisional Dates

Sat 28th March

Expression of interest open

Fri 19th April

Submissions close

w/c 22nd April

Submissions review

Mon 6th May

Production team announced

Sun 12th May

Director & production team kick off meeting

Mon 3rd June

Call for auditions

Sun 16th June

Pre-Audition evening

w/c 24th June

Auditions (& call backs)

Fri 28th June

Cast announcement

w/c 1st July

First rehearsal - Introductions / rehearsal schedule / scripts & scores costume measurements

Performance schedule: October 2024
Tues 8/Wed 9 /Thurs 10 /Fri 11 /Sat 12 Oct
Angles Theatre Wisbech at 7:30pm



At the heart of almost any theatrical performance is the guiding hand of a director, a unique professional who takes charge of the production process and shapes almost every aspect of the show. Directors’ audition and cast actors; assemble and oversee the production team; provide design directives; lead rehearsals; and manage the production schedule of the project, ensuring that all the moving parts connect, and all of this must fall within budget. 
Perhaps most importantly, they also supply a unifying understanding of the text and a particular vision for the production, which might mean a unique setting, a visual style or mood, or an interesting design concept that plays off themes in the text.

Assistant Director (mentored role):

An assistant director is there to assist the director in delivering his or her creative vision. This could entail reading in for actors who aren’t present, organising rehearsal calls, running parallel rehearsals or leading games or warm-ups. You are there to provide a strong support to the Directors artistic vision and be an extra set of eyes and ears in the rehearsals. It is very important to have good communication skills as you are responsible for liaising between the different departments.
It's also a great playing field to develop your experience in working towards becoming a Director.

Musical Director (MD):

At its core, the Music Director’s job is to understand how songs and music serve a show’s story, setting, drama, and emotional context, and to bring out those critical elements in high quality and consistent performances. The Music Director is hard at work from the very beginning of the production process: developing an overall vision for the production's music, leading the musical aspects of the audition process, helping cast actors and singers, and selecting and hiring musicians when required. 


In this position, you’ll work closely with our director to create memorable dance pieces. Your chief responsibility will be to interpret the director’s vision into dances with the appropriate pacing, style, and movements. You will also be tasked with attending auditions and rehearsals, collaborating with other departments, and providing training to our dancers.  Our Choreographer will need to be familiar with a wide variety of dance styles and capable of teaching them to others. You should also expect to collaborate with other departments, such as costume, music and design.

Stage Manager:

You will provide indispensable practical and organizational support to directors, performers, designers, and technical crew throughout the production and rehearsal process, and supervise onstage and backstage activity during performances to make sure the show goes off without a hitch. A huge part of the Stage Managers role is keeping everyone on track and on time. Tracking of props / characters / scene changes etc. This requires detailed notes in your script in to facilitate the nightly running of the show (you will know the show inside out). If there isn’t a specific prop handler, you might handle movement of props onstage and ensure they are returned to the prop table. 
Stage managers facilitate communication across all creative and technical departments, supervising preshow activities such as technical and safety checks, ensuring that everyone is ready for curtain and in the wings in time for their entrances.

Set / Scenic Designer:

Set designers, or scenic designers, are responsible for the worlds that characters on the stage inhabit: from the rooms, buildings, and outdoor spaces they move through, to the pieces of furniture that fill them, and even aspects of presentation like the set's angle. All of it tells a story to the audience, and it's the job of the set designer to ensure that the director's vision comes across in the visual language of scenic design. You must possess a keen eye for visual design and style, impressive technical acuity and attention to detail and vitally - a pool of creative vision.

Costume Designer:

Our Costume Designers tell a story through clothing, using the language of fashion to help express aspects of a production’s setting, mood, and characters. The job requires an understanding of stage production and an eye for creating standout visual designs. With each wardrobe element and accessory, costume designers bring the characters and settings to life, and immerse audiences—and actors—in their period, culture and world.
You will get to know the roles and relationships of the principal characters, followed by initial meetings with the director, set designer and other key figures as they define a vision for the show's design and direction. The costume designer researches designs, materials, and colours popular in the period, as well as details like how they might signify a character's social class. After completing research, costume designers use a combination of sketches, photos to create a visual depiction of each character's costumes throughout the production. You’ll present it to the director and other members of the design team for feedback. Whether purchasing, creating, or tailoring costume pieces, the costume designer is responsible for the costume team, budget, and time frame, this includes schedule fittings with actors, oversee alterations or repairs, as well as providing actors and stagehands with guidelines for costume care.

Submitting your expression of interest:

If you have something unique to contribute to this production and are eager to be part of this exciting journey, we invite you to submit an expression of interest.

Here is the process we will follow in selecting the production team for this show:


Register your expression of interest
by completing the online form -
See link below.


The Deadline
Expressions of interest should be submitted no later than 19 April 2024.


What happens next:
A production team will be selected from the registered expressions of interest.


You can expect to hear from us via email
by 6th May

If you are not confident in taking a lead role, there is an option to select a mentored role.

This allows less experienced individuals to shadow the person in the lead role, with a view to gaining expertise, experience and confidence.

We can't wait to hear from you, register your expression of interest now.

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